OCD Automation is actively working to create a helpful systems integration knowledge base. Whether you’re an experienced systems integrator or a total technical outsider, we hope that you find this small repository of controls information useful in your learning.

The first question many people ask about the automation field normally runs along the lines of “What the <yourwordhere> is a P-L-C?” These robust computers revolutionized the way industrial equipment can be manipulated, and they have a fascinating history. However, we know that it would take a sick individual to find this by accident: This Timeline from PLCdev provides a visual history of the PLC, as well as good resources for further reading.

Confused by all the tech jargon in this industry? Check out our list of explained acronyms.

Setting an IP Address with arp/ping is a fundamental skill of network organization, and it is something that anyone can do at home to break their printer learn about static addressing.

Further reading: here is a great technical reference for all that is controls, courtesy of Kele.

Another great technical reference site: Automation Direct Library.

For those too lazy to calculate or find out things personally, like me: Engineering Toolbox 

An old but informative document on ISA symbol standards: Standards 

And lastly, start here on Ebay when looking to buy industrial toys.

Ever wondered how many types of screw drives exist?  Screw Drive Types